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Date Published: Saturday 6th of December 2014 12:41:33 PM

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Report any unsafe conditions that children may be in. This website provides a way for concerned citizens to report unsafe conditions that surround children. Although our focus is school zones you can also report situations out of school zones as well like speeding drivers. Any unsafe condition that you observe children to be in need to be reported to the proper authority so that changes can take place. Your identity will remain anonymous so you can be a teacher, fellow school bus driver or just a person that takes child safety seriously without having any repercussions from reporting unsafe conditions. If you want your identity to be revealed you can express it in the report that you file.

Examples of things to report on the Faith McCullough Foundation Website

  1. Any vehicle speeding in school zones.
  2. Unsafe school ground conditions.
  3. Bullying.
  4. School kids J-walking or horseplay by the street.
  5. Any bad behavior from children, adults or school officials.
  6. Schools not taking responsibility for child safety
  7. Suspicious behavior. 
    1. Vehicles hanging around school areas trying to talk to kids
    2. Adults hanging around school play ground areas that have no business being there.

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